Venice Location

Currently Our our van is located at the intersection of Pacific and Galleon just steps from Venice Beach. You can check the current surf and weather conditions here.

Galleon Location.jpg

From this location getting to the surf is easy.

  1. Use your code to grab a board from the van
  2. Walk down Galleon to the beach, which is a pedestrian only street.
  3. Head left for paddling into calmer waters and into the Marina or head right towards the pier to catch some waves with the surf and bodyboards!

Notes: Some of the larger boards, paddle boards in particular, weigh up to 28 pounds and the beach here can get windy in the afternoon so feel free to take a rest of the sand or the grass along Galleon when bring the boards out and back.

From the beach you'll arrive facing a lifegaurd tower and volleyball court. To the left is calmer water for paddling and less surfers as well as an entrance to the calm waters of Marina Del Rey (remember to bring a PFD if going into the marina!). To the right is the great surf of the venice pier.

Galleon Beach Overview.jpg


Getting Here

By Car

Right around the van there is all day free street parking that is often available close by on weekdays. On weekends or busier time the venice pier parking lot has all day spots starting at $5 and is just 3 blocks away with convenient showers and bathrooms as well.

Google Maps Directions

By Foot, Bike, Scooter, etc.

If coming from the pier shops simply walk south down Pacific until you hit Galleon at which point you will see the van. There is an are just inside the sidewalk that is ideal for scooter/bike parking as well. From the beach look for the Galleon Lifeguard tower and take a left if walking south (or right if walking north) to find the Galleon pedestrian street.